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Coined from the Swahili word "Kusema" which means "to speak", "Kuzima" means to 'shut off', exactly what we intend doing to poor customer service. Kuzima started off as '' in 2009 as a platform to shame companies that provided terrible services. In September 2011 we re-branded as Kuzima - this time allowing customers to both shame and praise companies.

Kuzima officially launched at DEMO Africa 2012 in Nairobi after being incorporated earlier that year. We believe shaming and praising is not enough to get issues resolved so we actually email and call companies with your comments so they resolve them.

We also make it possible for brands/companies to login and perform damage control. We allow you to connect directly with your customers with our Business packages.

business model

Being an online service, Kuzima is automatically available in any country. All you need to do is sign up and use the service.